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HMS Pinafore, National G&S Opera Company - 2021 DVD

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The Rt. Hon Sir Joseph Porter, K.C.B. (First Lord of the Admiralty) - Simon Butteriss
Captain Corcoran (Commanding H.M.S. Pinafore) - Steven Page
Ralph Rackstraw (Able Seaman) - David Menezes
Dick Deadeye (Able Seaman) - Matthew Kellett
Bill Bobstay (Boatswain) - Matthew Salter
Bob Becket (Boatswain’s Mate – Carpenter) - Stephen Godward
Josephine (the Captain’s Daughter) - Caroline Kennedy
Hebe (Sir Joseph’s First Cousin) - Erin Fflur Williams
Mrs. Cripps (Little Buttercup) (A Portsmouth Bumboat Woman) Mae Heydorn


Nicole Boardman, Alexandra Hazard, Kate Lowe, Juliet Montgomery, Stephanie Poropat, Phoebe Smith

Andrew Armstrong, Thomas Ashdown, Henry Grant Sherwell, Michael Vincent Jones, Joe Partridge, Philip O’Connor

Production Team

Director - Rachel Middle
Conductor - James Hendry
Stage Manager- Keith Drage
Lighting Designer - David Marsden
Repetiteur - Chris Flint
Scenery - Paul Lazell
Wardrobe Superviser - Harriett Ravdin
Wardrobe Assistant - Susan Overvoorde
Costumes - Lichfield Costumes