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John Reed Great Patter Songs Digital Download

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Number of Tracks: 21

Some of the best-loved G&S patter songs as performed by their definitive interpreter John Reed OBE.  Recorded in 1978.



  1. The Judge’s Song
  2. My name is John Wellington Wells
  3. When I was lad
  4. I am the very model of a Modern Major General
  5. Am I alone and unobserved
  6. The Law is the true embodiment
  7. When I went to the bar
  8. Nightmare Song
  9. If you go in you’re sure to win
  10. If you give me your attention
  11. Whene’re I spoke sarcastic joke
  12. As someday it may happen
  13. Tit Willow
  14. My boy, you can take it from me
  15. I have a song to sing, O
  16. I’ve jibe and joke
  17. Oh! A Private Buffoon
  18. In enterprise of martial kind
  19. To help the unhappy commoners
  20. Let all your doubts take wing
  21. When you find you’re a broken down critter