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Princess Ida, National G&S Opera Company - 2017 DVD

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The Production Team

Director – Vivian Coates

Musical Director – Aidan Faughey

with Choreographer Mary MacDonagh, Asst MD & Repetiteur Benedict Kerns, Lighting Designer David Marsden, Scenic Designer Paul Lazell, Costumes from Costume Workshop, Company Stage Manager Sarah Taylor Kent, Deputy Stage Manager Nichola Reilly and Wardrobe Supervisor Denis Blatchford.

The Principals

King Hildebrand Donald Maxwell
Cyril, Hilarion’s Friend Nicholas Sales
Florian, Hilarion’s Friend Matthew Kellett
King Gama Richard Suart
Arac, King Gama’s Son James Cleverton
Guron, King Gama’s Son Matthew Siveter
Scynthius, King Gama’s Son Stephen Godward
Princess Ida, King Gama’s Daughter Emma Walsh
Lady Blanche, Professor of Abstract Science Gaynor Keeble
Lady Psyche, Professor of Humanities Nadia Eide
Melissa, Lady Blanche’s Daughter Katie Grosset
Sacharissa, Girl Graduate Victoria Aindow
Chloe, Girl Graduate Nichola Boardman
Ada, Girl Graduate Alexandra Hazard

The Chorus

Victoria Aindow,
 Nicole Boardman, 
Dawn Burns, Joanna Goldspink, Alexandra Hazard,
 Kelli-Ann Masterson, Stephanie Jennifer Poropat, Grace Wain.

Seumus Aonghas Begg, Tom Blackwell, Steven Fawell, Anthony Harris, Samuel Jackson, Henry Smith, Jonathan Stirland,  James Wafer.