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Princess Ida, National G&S Opera Company - Audio Download

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Format: MP3 Files, in Zip Folder.

Full production, including dialogue. 


HILARION (His Son) // Oliver White
CYRIL (Hilarion’s Friend) // Tobias Merz
FLORIAN (Hilarion’s Friend) // James Cleverton
KING GAMA // Philip Cox
ARAC // Ian Belsey
GURON // Terence Den Dulk
SCYNTHIUS // Alastair McCall
PRINCESS IDA (Gama’s Daughter) // Chloe Wright
LADY BLANCHE (Professor of Abstract Science) // Jill Pert
LASY PSYCHE (Professor of Humanities) // Lisa Anne Robinson
MELISSA (Lady Blanche’s Daughter) // Victoria Byron
SACHARISSA (Girl Graduate) // Annatt Bass
CHLOE (Girl Graduate) // Tammy Davis
ADA (Girl Graduate) // Hannah Richmond


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