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The Yeomen of the Guard, Forbear! Theatre - 2021 DVD

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Fairfax // David Menezes
Jack Point // Richard Lounds
Sergeant Meryl // Sam Snowden
Wilfred // Roland Harrad
Leonard // Robin Morton
Lieutenant // Tony Bannister
1st Yeoman // Leon Waksberg
2nd Yeoman // Adam Brown
Yeoman (T) // Sam Leggett
Yeoman (B) // Rob Sanders-Hewett
1st Citizen (T) // Oliver McDonnell
2nd Citizen (B) // Rob Sanders-Hewett
Citizen/Headsman (B) // Mike Nash
Elsie // Jenni Simmonds
Phoebe // Isabelle Paige
Dame Carruthers // Kim Hawthorn
Kate // Darja Scukina
Citizen (S) // Laura Clark
Citizen (S) //Maria Zicos
Citizen (M) // Victoria Zicos
Citizen (M) // Erin Fflur

Artistic Director: Rachel Middle
Musical Director: William Remmers
Lighting: David Marsden
Costumes: Lichfield Costumes & G&S Festival Costumes
Stage Manager: Jamie Foye
Deputy Stage Manager: April Ross
Rehearsal Pianist: George Ireland