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Utopia Limited, National G&S Opera Company - 2022

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Director // Jeff Clarke

Musical Director // John Andrews

Choreographer // Jenny Arnold

Repetiteur // Chris Flint

Lighting Designer // Matt Cater

Wardrobe Supervisor // Harriet Ravdin

Wardrobe Assistant // Susan Overvoorde,

Utopia costumes designed // Wanda D’Onofrio

English costumes // Janet McGeown

Debutantes costumes // Sue Mackrell & Nic Hamblin

Scenic Designer // Elroy Ashmore

Set Build // Set To Go Ltd

Stage Manager // Sarah Kent

Assistant Stage Manager & Stage Carpenter // Keith Drage

Wigs // Patsy Page



King Paramount, the First (King of Utopia) // Ben McAteer

Scaphio // Rob Gildon

Phantis (Judges of the Utopian Supreme Court) // Giles Davies

Calynx (The Utopian Vice-Chamberlain) // Ciarán Walker


Imported Flowers of Progress:

Lord Dramaleigh (a British Lord Chamberlain) // Tim Walton

Captain Fitzbattleaxe (First Life Guards) // Anthony Flaum

Captain Sir Edward Corcoran,K.C.B.(of the Royal Navy) // Stephen Godward

Mr. Goldbury (a company promoter; afterwards Comptroller of the Utopian Household) // Paul Featherstone

Sir Bailey Barre, Q.C., M.P. // Cameron Mitchel

Mr. Blushington (of the County Council) // Aidan Edwards

The Princess Zara (eldest daughter of King Paramount) // Monica McGhee

The Princesses Nekaya // Georgina Stalbow

and Kalyba(her Younger Sisters). // Meriel Cunningham

The Lady Sophy (their English Gouvernante) // Katherine Taylor Jones

Phylla (Utopian Maiden) // Phoebe Smith

Melene // Rachel Speirs

Salata // Juliet Montgomery



Hannah Bennett, Nicole Boardman, Erin Fflur, Juliet Montgomery, Eleanor O’Driscoll, Phoebe Smith, Rachel Speirs, Matilda Wale, Thomas Ashdown, Sam Baumal, Stephen DAVID Brown, William Diggle, Aidan Edwards, Stephen Godward, Cameron Mitchell, Joe Partridge, Masimba Ushe, Ciarán Walker